Sunday, April 19, 2009

Valmont Bike Park at Sea Otter!

This is a re-cast of Rob Love’s post, owner of Blue Sky Velo in Longmont and Mavic Neutral Support Personality Extraordinaire. They’re in Monterey for The Otter and had this to say…

VBP at Sea Otter

BAM, that number plate just got tagged, Valmont-style!

hey kids:
for those of you lucky enough to be reading this blog from Sea Otter, and for the rest of us that need to live vicariously through pictures showing a little VitaminD, check it out: Mike Eubank of the Valmont Bike Park crew is out at Sea Otter doing his thing along with IMBA getting the word out about the park. Mike is spending his own time and money out there, spreading the gospel! This will definitely get some national attention to the park, and help speed along fundraising and construction.

The IMBA booth is 20x20ft of bike-avocating madness!

The VBP trail map is about as Pro as it gets.

Alright, that's about it for right now--so if you or someone you know is out in Monterrey, give'em a text, tweet, e-mail, or smoke signal and tell 'em to get over to the booth and give Mike and the crew some props!
Rob Love, over&out.

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